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MY Core ValueS as your emotive storyteller

When the years pass and memories get blurry, you’ll grab your photographs or your album and reminisce about the amazing life you’ve had together with your family.

Photographs & films are truly significant as they tell our stories long after we are gone, and provide insight and connection for the generations that are born long after us. They allow us to preserve memories, emotions and the days of our past.

We won’t be able to remember all of our life’s moments with our families and loved ones, and when we can no longer remember those details, we have photographs & films to look back on.

As humans, we love to share and sharing these memories with others creates such an incredible joy and connection.


Second Step

First Step




You will receive an email with a link to the quote that details collections on offer. You can then choose your collection and accept the quote, fill out a short questionnaire, sign the contract and pay 15% non-refundable booking fee to secure your session date. Final balance is typically due 2 days before your session. I offer an easy to access and secure Online Client Portal where completing all of these steps takes little to no time.

We will chat over the phone or WhatsApp/Zoom about you and your hopes for the session and see if we connect on a deeper level. Establishing this connection would help in creating the most authentic photos for you and your family and would make you feel comfortable and at ease during your session.

I'll be able to answer any of your questions about collections and printed products I have on offer.

Fourth Step

Third Step

During Your Session

Before Your Session

We will have an amazing and relaxed time during your photography and/or film session. I'll be guiding you through it all so you feel like you're just hanging out with your friend who captures beautiful moments of you and your family having the best time together!

You will receive a Client Welcome Guide with helpful advice on how to prepare and get the best out of your session.

I'm also available via phone or email for any additional questions or help you may need throughout your experience.

Fifth Step

Sixth Step

After Your Session

Client Love

I will be sending you a few sneak peek photos within 48-72 hours of your session to show just how beautiful you and your family are and how much fun we all had together. Full gallery is typically ready after 2-4 weeks depending on how busy the season is.

Once you receive your gallery and printed products, I would love to get your feedback and a Google review. This is super important to me in order to grow and to ensure I'm delivering the best experience to all of my amazing clients.

Family gazing at their little baby boy

I believe in family,

raw emotions and magic.

I love creating photos that truly tell

stories about your life and all its wonder.

To me life is a rollercoaster ride

filled with stories and connections,

it's not always pretty and it doesn't have to be - that's why it's unique to each family

and each individual.

I'm all about jumping on beds, messy places,

running through open spaces and

feeling the wind rush through your hair,

all of those moments in between

where we cry, cuddle, kiss,

laugh and play.


collections include



We didn’t realize we were making memories. We just knew we were having fun.




I want this too!


Why are films so much more expensive?


I have spent years developing my craft as a storyteller, and thousands on equipment to be able to shoot and edit video. I could spend anywhere from 20-30hrs just to create a 3-5min film. This is not something that could be worked on in small blocks of time. Video requires a great deal of time spent choosing the best moments from the hundreds of clips taken during your session, colour grading, picking the right music track and getting it licensed with licence costs being anywhere from €100-€300, synchronising audio, etc. This is far more time than it takes to produce your photos and it takes an even greater amount of creative energy. It might seem expensive, and for sure it’s a huge investment that not every family could afford, but I guarantee you it's absolutely worth it! If anything, the value of your film would increase with every year that goes by and it would become a beautiful heirloom for generations to come.

I’m located in Ballyjamesduff, Co Cavan. Most of my sessions take place within a 50km radius of my location, however I’m willing and eager to travel further for epic locations. Travel fee of €0.77/km return journey applies for locations beyond this radius. Additional overnight accommodation fees would also apply for locations requiring 3.5+ hours travel to the session.

I love photographing in places that reflect the interests, memories and connections for my clients. I use natural light in clients’ homes and love going to parks, mountains, forests, beaches and other scenic locations. City/town sessions are also fun for those of you who love a more urban setting in your photos. We’ll work together to come up with the best possible time and location for you!


Could I choose music for my film?

Choosing the right song for your film is almost an art in itself. I only use licensed music, therefore commercial songs you hear on the radio wouldn't be an option since licensing fees are extremely high. I’d be open to hearing more about the genre music you like, but generally I would recommend leaving the song choice with me. I always pick tracks that are emotive and give sense to the moments that were captured during your session.

For any session, I’m usually booking 2-4 months in advance therefore I'd recommend making the booking as soon as possible so you don't miss out on my availability for your date. For newborns the best time to contact me is a few months before your due date. The best time to photograph newborns is 2-6 weeks after birth when they’re the sleepiest but I’m happy to schedule well beyond that window! If you are considering a maternity session, I recommend scheduling it at 32-36 weeks gestation for the first time mum and at 30-34 weeks for mums who've been pregnant before.

Whenever possible, outdoor sessions are scheduled within two hours of sunset when the lighting is the softest and most flattering. In-home sessions could be more flexible when it comes to the time of day and the season we are in.

What if we don’t really want to do our photos/film at home? Do we have any other options?

Absolutely! I totally get it, the thoughts of doing a photos/film at home could be stressful for some people. If it helps at all, please know that your house wouldn't have to be super tidy and clean for your session. Lived in would be more than enough and it would give more authenticity to your daily life captured in photos and/or film.

If you liked to plan a little family getaway, I would recommend booking an AirBnB or staying in some lodges such as Drumhierny Woodland Getaway or Centre Parcs and I could come for part of your stay to do your session. I would also be down for a camping trip or fun adventures in nature! The options are truly endless. I would recommend having an indoor option for the film though, so we could shoot your film in any weather.

What’s your rescheduling policy?

If I wasn't feeling well, I would reschedule your session. I wouldn't be willing to risk turning up to a session with a cough or a sniffle, especially since pandemic is still very much ongoing, and I would expect the same from you. Seasonal allergies, chronic cough, etc are different. But if you or your children are unwell, please let me know and we’ll reschedule. I don’t mind rescheduling at all and have extra days built into my calendar specifically for this reason.

The same goes for weather, if it's absolutely pouring down we'd re-schedule. However, if it's just drizzly we could embrace it and have some fun with umbrellas and raincoats while splashing in the puddles.


A non-refundable booking fee of 15% and a signed contract is required to hold your session date. Your full balance is due 2 days before your session date. You could make payments via bank transfer, Revolut or any major card through your secure online client portal.



I know how exciting it is to be waiting on your photos therefore I would be sending you a few sneak peak images from your session within 48-72h.

You would receive an email with a link to your full online private image gallery 2-4 weeks after your session. You would be able to order prints, download and even share to social media directly from there! A film could take 20-30 hours to edit depending on the length and would arrive 3-5 weeks later.

I understand that photographs & films are an investment and I believe in giving every family a chance to have a beautiful heirloom recorded so that children and their childrens' children could have a glimpse into their family's life story. I would be happy to work with you to come up with a reasonable payment plan so you could budget it out.


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if you'd like to preserve your family's story in this moment of time through photographs or film,

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