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Stories – Fairy Tales and Castles

Fairy Tales and Castles...

Fore Abbey is a Christian monastery that is located in a small village of Fore, near Castlepollard in County Westmeath. It was founded by St Feichin in 630AD. Prior to his death by yellow plague in the 660s, it is believed that there were as many as 300 monks and 2000 students in residence. The handsome ruins of a Norman Monastery stand on the site that once held one of the most important monastic communities in Europe. Fore was a bright light during the dark ages, a place of welcome, learning, worship and innovation. There are a number of spots to explore, specifically The Seven Wonders of Fore which are the monastery built on a bog, the mill with no race, the water that flows uphill, the water that won’t boil, the wood that won’t burn,  the anchorite in a stone and the lintel raised by St Fechin’s prayers.

St Fechin's Trail is a 3km looped walk that brings you through thousands of years of early Christian Heritage.  A small part of St Fechin's Trail called Nancy to Nelly, celebrates the friendship of two lovely women who from when they were children used this woodland path to run between each other's homes. Artist Teresa Doyle specifically painted Nancy and Nelly into their homes. Between Nancy and Nelly's homes you will also find a beautiful fairy trail that celebrates the imagination of children and the culture of 'little people'.

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