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Stories – Beautiful Trails

Beautiful Trails...

Visiting Cavan Burren Park near the magnificent Cuilcagh Mountain in West Cavan was such a beautiful experience. This park is widely recognised as one of the finest prehistoric relict landscapes in Ireland! Geologically the site is located on limestone bedrock, formed in a shallow tropical sea around 340million years ago during a time known as the Carboniferous period. It's hard to imagine that this special place was once a very tropical and warm location! Around 4,500B.C at the very beginning of the Neolithic period it is understood that the first farmers arrived at Burren. They cleared forestry and created settlements where they lived, worshiped and died. You can find the remains of these settlements through magnificent archaeological monuments like the Giant’s Grave wedge tomb as well as the remains of old field walls. When you stand at the top viewing point and take in the 360° views you can't help but be in absolute awe of the beautiful country we live in!

There are 5 different trails that you could explore this area through. You can find the map here and get more details about each trail here. In order to explore this place fully you would want to allocate several hours and bring a lovely picnic although there're some beautiful places for eating out in the nearby Blacklion town.

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