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I'm afraid of

I get lost watching


My perfect day

Nothing makes me happier than

my latest obsession

my personality

my top 3 movies of all time

My favourite hobby

Photo by Deirdre Rusk Photography

"music is

what feelings

sound like."

I’m coming from a musical family with mother who sang in a choir and father who played multiple instruments and entertained at the weddings.

Throughout my life I’ve been exposed to music through folk sing songs in our home as well as graduating from music school where I sang in a choir and learned to play piano.

Music brings me back to the emotions that I experienced during childhood and I love blending music with photographs to evoke and enhance those emotions.

There’s something magical when the two come together!


Photo by Deirdre Rusk Photography

The gift of

capturing the small and big memories

is my purpose for you.

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I am committed to serving you

when you're evolving from a couple,

to a young family with newborns,

to multiple generations adventuring through life.


Photos by Melinda Gold Photography

Things that move me beyond photography


\\ Soulful music

\\ Good honest and flavoursome food

\\ Dance and movement

\\ Romantic movies with a happy ending

\\ Meeting people who have been married for fifty plus years and still love holding hands

\\ Exploring the great outdoors and being connected to nature

Photo by Siobhan Coyne Photography